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Do any of these applies to you?

You Need MBR Treatment If


You have attempted various treatments but have not seen any progress.


Your posture is misaligned and your body is unbalanced.


The cause of your long-term illness remains unknown despite undergoing multiple treatments.


The cause of your long-term illness remains unknown despite undergoing multiple treatments.

When it comes to pain management, our bodies can be understood as consisting of three interconnected elements: energy, spirit, and structure. Each of these elements must be well-maintained and regulated to maintain good health. Imbalances in any one of these elements can trigger disease, which may soon affect the others.

Achieving harmony and balance among the energy, spirit, and structure is crucial for maintaining good health. Imbalances in any one of these elements can result in illness. MBR therapy offers an integrated treatment approach that aims to identify and address the root cause of disease, helping to restore balance and promote healing.

does the pain persist?

Causes of the Pain

Our bodies consist of three interconnected elements: skeletal structure, energy metabolism, and spirit. Chronic headaches, TMJ, forward head posture, neck and low back pain, knee pain, and foot pain can all be caused by imbalances or dysfunctions in these elements. When pain persists despite painkillers, steroids, or surgical treatments, it often indicates that the three components are not working together harmoniously.

If pain dissipates briefly but returns, it may indicate a systemic issue that requires attention. Repeated topical treatments without addressing the underlying issue can lead to tissue damage that may impede recovery.

How It Works

There is no universal treatment that can alleviate all types of pain, and no single approach works for everyone. However, with the correct diagnosis, it is possible to significantly reduce pain with just a few treatments. If the pain persists, it may be a sign that previous treatments have failed to address the underlying cause.

While some patients may experience relief from a single steroid injection, for others, the effect may last only a few months, and subsequent injections may prove ineffective. In some cases, steroids may not improve the pain at all, which may indicate an incorrect diagnosis. While steroidal anti-inflammatories may temporarily decrease pain levels, the pain is likely to return if the structural problem remains unresolved.

To prevent pain from recurring, treatment should focus on restoring the body to a state of balance by addressing structural imbalances and promoting a positive mindset through MBR Therapy. MBR therapy is an integrated approach that addresses joint and muscle torsion and low vital signs holistically.

Restore the Body Structure's Balance and Harmony to Achieve a Pain-Free Life

The root causes of your pain are most likely related to imbalances in the TMJ & upper cervical spine, pelvis, and feet. When one area becomes unbalanced, it can affect adjacent joints, leading to pain.

These three areas are crucial for maintaining body balance. By identifying the starting point of the imbalance and addressing the TMJ & upper cervical spine, pelvis, and feet, instead of solely focusing on the painful area, it may be possible to achieve long-lasting pain relief.

MBR Therapy can assist you in identifying and correcting these imbalances, leading to pain-free recovery.

Recover from Damaged & Fatigued Muscles and Ligaments by Raising Your Vitality

For our muscles and skeleton to function properly, it is necessary for our body to repair damaged tissues. If tissue damage is not fully repaired within a reasonable timeframe, it may indicate a decline in the body’s natural ability to recover.

MBR Chinese herbal medicine can help reactivate the body’s natural healing power.

Reprogram the Body When It Has Become Too Accustomed to Imbalance

Our bodies naturally perform actions like eating, walking, sitting, and waking up without conscious thought. When we first learn these movements, it takes practice and effort, but over time our bodies become accustomed to them, and they become memorized in our brains as patterns of posture and movement.

However, prolonged posture imbalances can cause our bodies to become accustomed to incorrect postures and twists that lead to pain and are also remembered by our brains. Even if the underlying physical issues are corrected, there is a risk of relapse if these habitual behaviors and postures are not addressed.

MBR treatment seeks to prevent relapse by re-memorizing the correct movement patterns in the brain.