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Major contributor to migraine, neck, and shoulder pain

Why Does Chronic Low Back Pain Fail to Improve Despite Various Treatments?

Despite undergoing surgery for a disc problem in the past, I continue to experience persistent pain.

Previous treatments proved ineffective, offering no relief or leading to relapses.

I suffer from chronic back pain, and people have commented on my abnormal walking posture.

I received a recommendation to undergo lumbar spinal canal surgery for my condition.

Six Major Causes of Low Back Pain

L3 Syndrome


Disc Herniation


Facet Joint Syndrome

Intervertebral Disease


Recurring Back Pain After Surgeries?
Here are Possible Reasons Why

Did your previous treatments exclusively focused on treating lower back issues, including chronic back pain and recurring disc problems?

If chronic low back pain and recurrent disc problems are truly caused by the low back and disc issues, complete treatment should eliminate any recurrence through “local treatment of the disc.” However, if the effects of local treatment are minimal or short-lived, it suggests that the root problems lie elsewhere, hidden and awaiting discovery.

Treating back pain effectively goes beyond addressing the local area of the back and disc; it necessitates uncovering and addressing the “hidden causes” responsible for the recurring pain.

"Distortion of the spine" is the primary cause of approximately 90% of back pain cases.

Typically, local treatments are chosen to address chronic low back pain or recurring disc problems, focusing on the discs near the root or the surrounding muscles and nerves. However, if the root cause lies solely in the lower back, comprehensive relief should be achieved through these localized treatments. The persistence of back pain and recurring disc problems indicates an unidentified root cause. At MBR Acupuncture & Herb, we specialize in identifying and treating the underlying spinal imbalance—the true culprit behind back pain.