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Specially-Formulated MBR  Herb Treats Imbalances & Speeds up the Treatment Process


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MBR Herb Improves Body Structure & Energy

Pain is a signal that indicates an imbalance in our body. While most modern medical treatments focus on treating the area of pain, it is important to identify and treat the root cause of the pain, which may have originated elsewhere. Unfortunately, many patients still suffer after months or years of treatment because the root cause was not properly addressed.

As we age, treating pain becomes increasingly difficult even if the structural problem has been corrected, due to poor blood circulation and malnourished soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments. MBR herb is a special formula that can help increase the body’s resilience and strengthen muscles and ligaments.

Our body’s organs are interconnected, and MLS is a remedy designed to address imbalances in the intestinal tract, thereby speeding up treatment and reducing the likelihood of recurrence.

Even if test results show no abnormalities, we recommend taking MLS to help regenerate muscles and ligaments if you experience frequent muscle aches, joint pain, or a general feeling of heaviness in the body.
Check & See If Any of These are Applicable

When Do You Need to Take MBR Herb?

 Long-lasting and repeated muscle aches

 Muscle aches after excessive work or exercise

 Pain with an unknown cause that cannot be diagnosed even at the hospital

 Recurring internal diseases due to a weak immune system

 Generalized pain throughout the body due to aging

 Lingering pain even after recovering from a fracture or injury

 Repeated or habitual ankle or joint sprains
Poor blood circulation, such as cold hands and feet

Why do you need it

Benefits of Taking the MBR Herb

MBR herb works effectively to address problems caused by the accumulation of phlegm or blood stagnation, as well as those caused by muscle disease or softening.

MBR herb is a unique combination of ingredients that replenish insufficient energy and blood, making it an excellent choice for improving fatigue and immunity.

MBR herb is not only effective for muscles, ligaments, and joints, but also for treating various medical conditions by regulating Qi & blood.

Application examples

You Can Utilize MBR Herb for Various Symptoms

Case 1. You Experience Alternating Fever & Chill

Your Body Type

High heat body type or experiencing coldness in certain areas

Legs get swollen in the morning and afternoon.

How MBR Herb Can Help You

MBR herb can help you adjusting body temperature by returning the brain stem’s setting point

Case 2. You Experience Bad Metabolism

Your Body Type

Poor metabolism due to psychological and physical problems

How MBR Herb Can Help You

MBR herb can restore your kidney, psychological, and physical function

Case 3. You Have Digestion & Bowel Movement Problems

Your Body Type

Hyperactive sympathetic nervous system causing weakness of other organs

How MBR Herb Can Help You

MBR Herb can restore your gastrointestinal function

Case 4. You Have Blood Stagnation

Your Body Type

Prone to bruising or have blood circulation disorders

How MBR Herb Can Help You

MBR Herb promotes metabolism & improves blood circulation to help your body release excess blood

Case 5. You Experience Frequent Muscular Pain & Fatigue

Your Body Type

Muscular malnutrition with lactic acid accumulation

How MBR Herb Can Help You

MBR Herb eliminates waste products that can cause exhaustion